Customers and partners

Dear Bo Aurehl.

I want to thank you for your exemplary contribution in making our two Winner-Team-Trips a success. First for our 250 victors from Allianz Hamburg, and a few days later for the 450 from Allianz Frankfurt.

Right from the initial preparatory meetings in Stockholm you instilled great confidence in me.
And as the event got underway, my suspicions were confirmed.

The event contained multiple elements, which thanks to you, were all incredibly successful.

- Wolfgang Brühl Board member, Frankfurter Versicherung AG

Honoured Bo Aurehl

In relation to two big events in Stockholm we, together with you, prepared and carried out these two big events.

Thanks to your creativity, your intuition and your attention to detail, everything went exceptionally well.
Everything from the chamber choir to a sailors choir, from Dixieland to an ABBA show, contributed to total success on your part.

We would like to relay our gratitude for your outstanding efforts.

- Helga Loka Loka & Partner GmbH

Habanera combines creativity and flexibility with a total understanding of our needs. Furthermore, incredible experience within event management.
Därtill en enorm erfarenhet av evenemang.

When Octapharma celebrated their 25-year anniversary in Stockholm City Hall with 500 guests, Habanera delivered magnificent entertainment with our own story as the focus.

Everything worked perfectly.
A large band with brass and strings sections, a show group, dancers, acrobats, rappers, a choir, hostesses, multimedia, sound, stage lighting, mood lighting, dekor… you name it.

And in the driving seat, Bo Aurehl, as host.

During the planning process we felt reassurance and satisfaction towards Habanera.

- Per Eriksson Responsible for events in Octapharma Nordic AB

Since 1993 we have together accomplished many events, often with Bo as elegant and spiritual host; always instilling confidence, creativity and great humour during the process of planning and execution.

In 2016 we were responsible for Investor’s 100-year anniversary, an advanced assignment of PR and event planning during the span of a year. This entailed a number of communication and event activities. The anniversary culminated in a grandiose reception at a company and innovation exhibition with 1500 important guests in the Investor-owned Grand Hotel. Bo was behind a large number of all the ideas, performances and direction. 

I can trust Bo to always be a faithful and inspiring partner.

- Hans Curman communicator and event producer