With more than to 30 years of experience with concerts, corporate events and conventions, we will take care of the content and the technology using careful judgement and style. We will also make sure everything is in working order on site.

In 1991, I founded Habanera. At the time I was brand manager for the world's most prominent classical music record label, Deutsche Grammophon. Part of my remit was to take care of the more famous artists when they were visiting Sweden, and to organize press conferences and events.

From 2012 to 2015, I was CEO for Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra and Concert Hall. Ultimately, the city council decided to merge their two cultural institutions into one umbrella concern. It secured the future of the Symphony Orchestra, which was my main goal as the orchestra’s manager.

Earlier I was teaching music and choir in Adolf Fredrik school of music, and then I was Choir Master at Malmö Opera.

In 1994 we carried out a large advent concert in Blå hallen, Stockholm’s City Hall. The event kept growing, and in 2019 we celebrated the 25-year anniversary with eight performances during one weekend. www.advent.nu

Over the years we have taken responsibility for the programme and talent at hundreds of big and small events all over Stockholm, around Sweden and sometimes abroad.

Our employers include Swedish and foreign enterprises, event management companies, travel agencies, conventions, the Swedish State, local authorities and councils. View a selection here

One of our specialties is Intelligent Entertainment.. For example at larger anniversaries or at Nobel-themed banquets in The Blue Hall.