In the course of the years we have produced private concerts, where we book the venue, engage the talent, compose the program, organize rehearsals, and finally present the program on stage.

With a large number of guests and a big budget we have arranged concerts with a symphony orchestra in Konserthuset (the largest Concert Hall in Stockholm). With a smaller budget we have provided chamber music and a choir in Konserthuset.

With smaller groups we have arranged private concerts in the Halwyl Palace and several churches around Stockholm.

For the County Council we have arranged concerts in Konserthuset, Berwaldhallen and aboard the cruise ship Birka.


Over the years we have organised a number of weddings, of all sizes, with up to three days of events.

Weddings require the same amount of elegance and style as other events, as well as the same type of receptiveness and sensitivity for the wishes of the client. 50 years of experience with concerts and mass services in the church is undoubtedly a bonus.

We of course have both experience and knowledge concerning company celebrations, christenings and funerals.