To book artists today is not the most difficult. Anyone can contact artists and their management via the internet.

Depending on budget, opinion and taste it is possible to employ Swedish and international stars.

The artist or band is only half the challenge. Ensuring a successful event requires a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of organizing events. The artists need to be taken care of in a professional manner, so that they are motivated to perform to their potential. Sound, lighting, stage and decor need to be skilfully coordinated with the performance and rehearsals and sound checks need to be organised. Even a well planned event requires flexibility. When you’re live, things don’t always go as planned and then it is important to have the right people on hand who can calmly and professionally adapt to any situation and ensure the performers are not affected by disruption.

When we accept an assignment, we are, of course, always present throughout every stage of execution. That is our commitment to quality.


For nearly 30 years, we have shouldered the responsibility for the entertainment content at hundreds of events. We carefully capture the client’s wishes, advise and help solve problems throughout the process. Whether it is an anniversary event for thousands at The Blue Hall or background music for a executive board dinner, our sense of ownership is the same.

Together with the client, we agree on a location, including site inspections. We agree on the flow of the event from start to finish and adjust to the client’s feedback. When it is time to carry out the event, we are there before any other participants and coordinate and quality check everything including technical details, local staff, sound checks and rehearsals.

We are always ready to adapt to an evolving situation in real-time. Our artists are also prepared for this and many times we have been able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Every event has a life of its own and an experienced event manager has an intuition and flexibility that are invaluable in such situations.