All entertainment requires thoughtfulness, style, taste and attention to detail.

The term Intelligent Entertainment is a phrase that I came up with over twenty years ago. Swedish Philips were celebrating 75 years, and I built an anniversary party based on the company’s history. Several hours of reading books and past editions of internal memos and newsletters not only gave me a knowledge of Philips’ history but also a sense for the inexplicable element that can only be described as the soul of the company.

During my many visits to Philips in Kista, the staff jokingly started calling me Professor Philips.

The event commenced with cocktails and Philips trivia quiz. During the dinner we prepared the entertainment in the form of vocalists and bands that were based on events and products in the history of Philips. When you look back at the recording of the anniversary, it is a mystery why some of the staff start cheering after I mention the year of the sun lamp. That specific assignment was the answer to one of the quiz questions. Intelligent Entertainment is often based upon a trip through time, with a number of stopping points at important dates. After a short overview by the Master of Ceremonies (yours truly) a hit song from the period in question was performed.

For the 200th anniversary of Karolinska Institutet we created Intelligent Entertainment by developing a comic musical theatre piece with the Institute’s founder, Jöns Jacob Berzelius as a connecting narrative.

For Investor’s 100-year anniversary we created, amongst other things, an exhibition called The Red Thread. It was based on large events in Investors throughout the history of Investor’s holdings.

We have numerous forms of Intelligent Entertainment concerning the Nobel Prize and Alfred Nobel, in both the Stockholm City Hall and Winterviken.